Sunday, September 25, 2011

The waiting game


It's a recipe for failure. The big due date, that is. A date etched in gold and studded with precious gems, revered so highly that it hovers above a pregnant woman's head for 10 months like the freaking carrot of the gods on the end of a stick. It's scribbled all over medical charts, circled in bright colors on your calendar and set as an all-day event on your iPhone (maybe even with a reminder, as if you'd ever forget).

At the same time, it's easy to dismiss the statistic which states that only 5 percent of women deliver on their due date - especially when I delivered my first born virtually on time.

It's also simple to mentally wave aside the stories from women describing how excruciating it is to wait ... and wait ... and wait. And to hear how many different things they tried to induce labor as the days ticked, ever so slowly, past.

But not anymore. I am one of those women.

Now, five days past my due date and still pregnant, I'm fighting hard to mentally "stay in the game." And it's not an easy game to play.

Rule number one: Stay busy. Folks, after the house is immaculate and the "nesting" urge has worn off due to sheer exhaustion, it's time to get creative. Literally. So, I took up knitting; it's scary. I'm about as adept at knitting as our obese cat Simon is licking his backside.

Rule number two: Do not answer your cell phone or respond to texts. It only invites more correspondence.

Rule number three: Get after it. That's right, it's time to get hiking, walking, jumping or anything else that reminds the body that you are still (for some reason) hauling around at least thirty pounds of extra-ness. Other things that induce labor are highly recommended - though not that castor oil crap. One word: explosive.

Rule number four: Prepare for the worst. Now that the due date is in the past, it's safe and a preservation of sanity to brace for what could mean another two weeks of pregnancy. In reality, what's two more weeks, right? Right.

So, you may ask, how have I been doing with following through with these "rules?"

Oh we've hiked and walked - me often while carrying Elias on my back. I've knitted three and a half hats and a pair of mittens. We cut down some trees in our back yard and somehow convinced the heater to crap out by merely starting up.

But, we've stayed busy. We toured the local fish hatchery with Elias' preschool class. We've taken the dog around the neighborhood and played at the local park. There've been dinners out, homemade dinners in and lots, and lots of playing games and doing crafts.

Today, with the sun blaring in what is likely a fleeting day of sunshine, we headed out for some vitamin D and endorphins (which, I've been told, help induce labor).

Elias, my mom and me hiked the Nugget Falls Trail by the Mendenhall Glacier. Fall was certainly in full bloom as Mount McGinnis rose high into a crystaline sky. It was tipped with fresh snow that faded into the muskeg which blared brigh in crimson and marigold. Alders, now in full yellow, danced along the Mendenhall Lake shoreline and moss glowed bright green after days of rain.







Even with a belly full of baby, I had a smile on my face. What a day to be alive!


Some arts and crafts with baking in the background.


Watching the seal hunt fish at DIPAC fish hatchery.

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