Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Torential downpour = lazy living room Sunday

It's been a while since I posted photos of the family doing what we do best when trying to beat the boredom of a nothing-to-do Sunday. Elias and I cooked and made snacks together. Then, we ate. I'm hungry fairly all the time. So, we're a good match.
"Oh, you don't want that, Elias?"
"OK, I'll eat it."
Teamwork, teamwork ... it's a wonderful thing.
Daivd continues to cultivate the little skier in Elias as they practiced jumps off an ottoman in the center of the living room. A pile of pillows and blankets was the landing pad. The event was one that drew rolls of laughter from all. A good belly laugh is good for the soul, afterall.
This word echos through our household incessantly. It's the name of a game (and what you yell when you've won) that Ni and Pa got Elias for Christmas. Suited for ages 3 through adult, it's truly a family game that gets us all thinking critically and creatively.
Here's a few photos that pretty much sum up the day. Enjoy!

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The Blog Writer said...

Those photos made me smile. :) I read Alaska in your profile and shuddered at how cold it must be!

Happy Sunday!