Monday, May 24, 2010


The family took to the docks Saturday to check out the first ever Juneau Maritime Festival. The sun was shining and we all took in the sights. Elias was enthralled with the University of Alaska Southeast mascot (a whale) and followed that poor guy EVERYWHERE!
Here's when we finally gave in and had him pose for a photo.



Nikki said...

this is just the frickin' cutest picture!! Look how much personality he has. Aw, Elias...enjoy your snack! Unks Brady & Auntie Nikki miss you!!

joven said...

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Sally said...


Our daughter, Kim, talked to your dad yesterday and he told her about your site. We had been in Portland for our granddaughter's graduation and thought it would be fun to make contact with Dave since we saw his name in the Portland paper. But, by the time he called back, we were on our way back to Montana.

What fun to see your pictures, especially those of Elias. I have some old pictures that I recently scanned onto my computer of you and Brady when you lived in Montana. Elias looks like both of you.

Is your mom there now? She looks great!!!

It's fun getting a glimpse of your life in Juneau.
Enjoy your summer. It's beautiful there.

Sally Carlson