Monday, May 17, 2010

Netting some vitamin D

The sun was out Sunday illuminating Juneau like a green emerald against the still snowcapped mountains. The air was calm and crisp, and the boat, the 'Yomi II' – beckoned.
So for the first time in nearly a year (far, far too long, I might add) David, Jim, Elias and I went out to try our luck at salmon fishing.
It was tough, needless to say, but we did net a good time, a few memories and I landed a big ol sunburn. Yes! (Don't worry Mom, it wasn't that bad ... )
Ahh ... how I miss the sun ...

'Hi Momma'
Gear Boating with the kids
One year later ... El Capitan
Fishing! My guy
See anything?
Keeping busy
"De de do"
Fishing in May

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