Monday, May 24, 2010


The family took to the docks Saturday to check out the first ever Juneau Maritime Festival. The sun was shining and we all took in the sights. Elias was enthralled with the University of Alaska Southeast mascot (a whale) and followed that poor guy EVERYWHERE!
Here's when we finally gave in and had him pose for a photo.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Netting some vitamin D

The sun was out Sunday illuminating Juneau like a green emerald against the still snowcapped mountains. The air was calm and crisp, and the boat, the 'Yomi II' – beckoned.
So for the first time in nearly a year (far, far too long, I might add) David, Jim, Elias and I went out to try our luck at salmon fishing.
It was tough, needless to say, but we did net a good time, a few memories and I landed a big ol sunburn. Yes! (Don't worry Mom, it wasn't that bad ... )
Ahh ... how I miss the sun ...

'Hi Momma'
Gear Boating with the kids
One year later ... El Capitan
Fishing! My guy
See anything?
Keeping busy
"De de do"
Fishing in May

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Photo attack

I've been back behind the lens. Here's the fruits of my efforts.
I know, I know ... more of the kiddo!

21 mos
Simon in the garden 22 mos
Sunday in the garden In the garden : Spring 2010
22 mos
Photobucket David & Elias : Mother's Day 2010
Naked at 22 months
22 mos