Sunday, January 17, 2010

New do

His hair hung in his eyes and seemed to always have some kind of "something" stuck in it. But I loved the curly ends and the I'm-still-a-baby-softness.
Alas, it was time to get a trim. David made an appointment with Deb, a gal who cut his hair for the first time when he was nine. He's been back to see her, off and on, ever since.
So Elias sat on my lap, while Deb snipped a little off the back, pulled it up from out of his eyes and took in the sides.
He looks like such a different little boy ... but the sweetness is still the same.

Bangs Like daddy
Not so bad


lynneajean said...

Love this post. Elias is so sweet and getting SO big.

bledsoeblog said...

So amazing how a haircut could make a little boy turn into a BIG boy! Elias is so sweet! (love the cell phone keeping him busy in the barber chair!)