Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tree hunting

Sunday afternoon featured a hike for a holiday tree. The whole family, including the often-mistaken-for-a-dog, but-who-is-really-a-cat Simon, went along for the first annual Tree Hunting Expedition at 1024 Wee Burn. He didn't complain once, which was unusual. Perhaps his fat reserves are finally coming in handy.
Bali was her usual self, and destroyed every stick in sight. Elias slept the whole time. And David, the tree-spotter, did the manly duty of cutting it down and hauling it, on one shoulder, back to the house. I took pictures and toted the little man around.
It was tough.

Fat cat Fuel
Our tree Cut
Reward Simon the trekker
Bali and David going home

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lynneajean said...

What a great post! We will venture out this weekend to find one. Miss you guys!