Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Christmas to remember

This wasn't Elias' first Christmas.

No, last year he was witness to the sights, smells and smiles that accompany this time of year. But it's unlikely he remembers any of it.

Last Friday, however, will most certainly find a niche in his memories. He's reveled in ornaments on the Christmas tree, tasted the buttery sweetness of sugar cookies and stared wide-eyed as gift, after gift emerged from boxes, bags and other brightly-wrapped containers.

He had to see them all, and after two-and-a-half hours, he settled down to examine, in depth, the loot.

While his expressions that morning are etched in my mind, the rest of the day, to be quite honest, is a blur. But in the tiny moments of pause I was able to make the following images.


Christmas 2009 "Days" ornament
Mom & Elias
"Catterpillar" First pair of skis
Little Mozart Morning smile
Feeding the animals Ski poles!
Daddy-sitting Plaid

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A ba, a ba!

Elias and I have taken to laying under the decorated tree.
We look up through the maze of lights, ornaments and branches and talk about what we see.
"Whas dat?" he'll ask.
"Those are lights. Blue light," I say pointing. "Green light. Yellow light."
"A ba, a ba!" he says gesturing toward a circular ornament.
"That's right! That's a ball!" I'll say. "But not for throwing, just looking."
"Ahhh..." he says.
We lay under the tree every day and I'm constantly amazed at how still with amazement a squirmy toddler can be.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tree hunting

Sunday afternoon featured a hike for a holiday tree. The whole family, including the often-mistaken-for-a-dog, but-who-is-really-a-cat Simon, went along for the first annual Tree Hunting Expedition at 1024 Wee Burn. He didn't complain once, which was unusual. Perhaps his fat reserves are finally coming in handy.
Bali was her usual self, and destroyed every stick in sight. Elias slept the whole time. And David, the tree-spotter, did the manly duty of cutting it down and hauling it, on one shoulder, back to the house. I took pictures and toted the little man around.
It was tough.

Fat cat Fuel
Our tree Cut
Reward Simon the trekker
Bali and David going home