Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby + dog + food = love forever

Yes, Bali has finally come to her senses. Literally. Elias is no longer a noisy little intruder who has stolen all the attention she enjoyed for many years - well, maybe he still is - but now she just doesn't care. For this pair have formed a bond. One that is common between dogs and little boys - food.
Crackers, Cheerios, avocado, salmon scraps - you name it, Elias has flung it from his high chair. And there is Bali, eager, drool dripping, lips quivering, poised to spring into clean-up crew action at a moments notice.
Fine, I suppose, less work for me. But most likely the "we don't feed the doggy while we're eating" idea may take a while to sink in.

Back-off, this is my cracker


Elias has also been expanding his taste experiences by sampling a bit of the garden fare. He decided it all just tastes like dirt.

Hmmm...this rock looks tasty Yep, tastes like dirt.

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lynneajean said...

So sweet! What a great entry! Love that you keep us all updated!