Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend work

This weekend David has been hard at work laying slate in our entry. This project comes on the heels of some serious and surprising water damage that happened as a result of a corroded and leaky water heater. It happens.
So, we used a soaked carpet pad and a potentially moldy underfloor as an excuse to do some demo on the house.
Elias, of course, thinks this new "off-limits" area is a total violation of his crawling rights — but, he'll just have to get over it. I'm sure the pretty new slate, once finished, will provide at least a good 15 minutes of prime excitement. And while he's preoccupied, I can fold some laundry (finally!).
Anyway, while David slaved away — he now wishes he was a tile guy — Elias and I played, took some pictures to highlight is new chompers and, well, hung out. It's how most Saturdays, I think, should be spent — just killing time.

Abby & Elias - around 10 mos Slate work
Elias Lee - 10 mos

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