Sunday, December 7, 2008

Even GorTex doesn't cut it

The clouds hung low. Only the bottoms of the islands peaked out from under the fog. And looking out the window I could see the rain falling in sheets. Sideways.
But Elias and I had to get out. There was no way around it. I knew he would stay cozy and dry tucked under the canopy of his car seat. I knew his little cheeks would turn rosy with chill, but the rest of him would stay warm under layers of fleece and wool.
I, on the other hand, would certainly not be so lucky. It's weather like this that sends Southeast Alaskans inside to work on their hobbies - whatever they may be. Because weather like this soaks you to the bone. It doesn't matter how many new materials you throw on. Weather like this finds the nooks and crannies, the tiny imperfections and soaks right in.
But we went anyway. I drove to nearly the end of North Douglas Highway. Parked at the boat launch and proceeded to pack Elias (already asleep, mind you) into the Bob jogger. Off we went.
One hour, five minutes and seven miles later I trotted back to the car. Soaked. Satisfied. And, yes, smiling. So was Elias.
It was heaven.


lynneajean said...

What a great story! Thank you for sharing it! I think it is great that you get out and about with him... :)

Eliza said...

Love it. You are such a good mom. Elias is going to be such an adventurer.