Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Road runners

I am now a road runner. Nearly every day Elias, Bali and I hit the roads around Juneau for a jog. Is it terribly exciting? Not really. There's not a huge selection afterall. But it keeps us sane. In a good way.
The pat, pat, pat of feet hitting the pavement, the ravens in the trees, an occasional eagle and Bali's scritch scratch of claws on the asphalt sends us all - I think - into a hypnotic state of calm. It's a welcome break from home. A change of scenery. A breath of fresh air - literally.
And thank goodness for the "Bob." This jogger stroller is a must-have for any mom looking to stay super-active after the birth of kiddos. And with Elias still so small, his car seat clips right in.
By the way, this morning we had our first hard frost. Winter's on its way!


Eliza said...

Thanks for the great picture Abby. It makes me homesick. Can't wait to get back there and push the BOB or maybe a bigger version of the BOB this spring.

Nikki said...

hey! we're back in oregon and just wanted to say that it was great to see you up there in juneau. elias is so energetic and driven! i can't wait to see him again. thanks for spending so much time with us while i was up there visiting, and hope to see you come december. keep the pics a comin'!