Friday, August 22, 2008


Okay. It's been almost two months since I had Elias. Now, I'm not expecting miracles, nor am I expecting over-night results - but I am ready to kick these extra pounds to the curb.
Belly flab - be gone. Saddlebags - see ya!
Elias and I have started "Summer Slim-down 08." Keep in mind he doesn't really do much but sleep, drool a little and look around - but he's part of the action anyway.
Oh yes, and Bali comes too...
We are going to explore the Juneau trail system with a whole new outlook - baby friendly trails. Whether we're in the "three-wheeler" - as my dad calls it - or the Ergo baby - I'm bound and determined to hash out the top trails for infant toting.

Stay tuned.

And now, a cute picture of some toes that will surely stay soft despite the miles we'll cover.

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lynneajean said...

Good luck Abby! I know the three of you together will make great progress....