Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A weekend of projects

This weekend consisted of some very serious work around the house. Before this little one arrives there is much to be done. Here's what went down:
• painted the laundry room
• replaced shelving and cabinet in said laundry room
• replaced and leveled pantry doors
• trimmed baby closet
• went to Home Depot (yes, it's a chore)
• built a fence with the neighbors
Oh, I should mention, the above are all things David did.
What did I do you ask? Watched. Supervised. And provided moral support. My part of the job - it was tough, but someone's got to do it.
Here's a few pictures from the sidelines:

David and Jarrod putting the fence framework together.

Dylan, Jarrod and Lori's son, coming in to inspect the work.

This was right before they realized they'd made the wrong cut on a $30 board.

Lori figured it was because they hadn't cracked open these.

David and Jarrod rethinking the design. We ended up adding a "decorative" trim piece. I thought it added character. David couldn't stop staring at it.

So, I took some pictures of Dylan. He was so dirty by the end of the day!

And very excited about the tape measure. You can barely see it in his hand.

Ah, finished.

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