Monday, June 30, 2008

Come on baby!

To celebrate my 39th week of pregnancy we decided to go for a nice, brisk seven-mile hike. And really, why not? The weather was sunny and warm. Plus, my mom had just arrived for a visit and to help out once "little" arrives.
We picked the Perseverance trail which winds it's way up into the mountains behind downtown Juneau. Hopefully this sunshine will stick around for the 4th!

I got a lot of second-glances and "should-she-be-up-here" looks.

Chocolate Lily

Ebner Falls

Mom hiking up the trail - Douglas Island in the background


"Geez, what's taking you guys so long?"


Megan and Dan said...

Hey Abby Congrats on the baby!! How exciting:)) I am on this blog thing as well
mine is

Hope all is well!! You look great and so happy, are you having a boy or girl?
Talk to you soon,
Megan Korne

lynneajean said...

I am proud of all of you for doing the 7-mile hike! Yes! Looks like it was gorgeous... can not wait to see little...