Monday, June 30, 2008

Come on baby!

To celebrate my 39th week of pregnancy we decided to go for a nice, brisk seven-mile hike. And really, why not? The weather was sunny and warm. Plus, my mom had just arrived for a visit and to help out once "little" arrives.
We picked the Perseverance trail which winds it's way up into the mountains behind downtown Juneau. Hopefully this sunshine will stick around for the 4th!

I got a lot of second-glances and "should-she-be-up-here" looks.

Chocolate Lily

Ebner Falls

Mom hiking up the trail - Douglas Island in the background


"Geez, what's taking you guys so long?"

Monday, June 23, 2008

False Outer Point

What can say? It's summer in Alaska. The sun was shining. So, I went to the beach.
I walked. I took pictures.

False Outer Point


You all know this trouble-maker...



More shells...

And a bumble bee...

In other news: Still pregnant. Yep, we have about 7 days until due date #1 (June 30th)! Getting close!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

For mom...

Mom, this one's for you. I know you've been dying to see the baby's room - but it's not quite tidy enough to show you the ENTIRE here are a few bits and pieces.
Can't wait until you're here!

Uglies and the crib bedding

Such little socks! (By the way, these are a CHORE to fold and find in the laundry...)

Changing table. There will be a cabinet above, that we've just painted but haven't hung yet
...soon, very soon...



A weekend of projects

This weekend consisted of some very serious work around the house. Before this little one arrives there is much to be done. Here's what went down:
• painted the laundry room
• replaced shelving and cabinet in said laundry room
• replaced and leveled pantry doors
• trimmed baby closet
• went to Home Depot (yes, it's a chore)
• built a fence with the neighbors
Oh, I should mention, the above are all things David did.
What did I do you ask? Watched. Supervised. And provided moral support. My part of the job - it was tough, but someone's got to do it.
Here's a few pictures from the sidelines:

David and Jarrod putting the fence framework together.

Dylan, Jarrod and Lori's son, coming in to inspect the work.

This was right before they realized they'd made the wrong cut on a $30 board.

Lori figured it was because they hadn't cracked open these.

David and Jarrod rethinking the design. We ended up adding a "decorative" trim piece. I thought it added character. David couldn't stop staring at it.

So, I took some pictures of Dylan. He was so dirty by the end of the day!

And very excited about the tape measure. You can barely see it in his hand.

Ah, finished.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sweet rain

Do you ever notice how amazing it smells after a summer rain?
Sweet, earthy - almost savory - I'd say. And everywhere the scent is different. In Oregon it smells like sagebrush and juniper. In Baja the smell is salt and sea. And in Alaska it's sweet like blossoms and rich like aged soil.
I love it.
It's raining today.
Hmmm. It smells so good.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Skunk cabbage never looked so good

Skunk cabbage, ferns and such are pretty common in these rainy parts - but for some reason I still find these leafy green plants extremely interesting.
Here's a sampling of what I found on a recent hike. Skunk cabbage can look kinda sexy - don't you think?

Lawn maintenance

Yes, it may be boring for most, but for us this was quite the weekend project.
Yep, yard work.

Not only was it 90 degrees in Juneau - beautiful weather for the task - but it was also the first time we'd mowed a lawn that we could call our own. We happily raked, weeded and puttered around the yard all day.
David was especially proud of how well our new lawn mower tamed our excessively long grass. Here are a few snapshots of the "action."

David taming the beast.

The lawn pre-weeding and such...looked a little shabby don't you think?