Monday, May 12, 2008

An Alaskan shower

Yesterday Robin Paul hosted a lovely baby shower for me - and David of course, but he was only there in spirit - which was wonderful! Again, thanks to Robin for opening her home on Mother's Day!
Christa and her mom brought the 2-month-old Payton, who was absolutely darling. Sarah Lowell, fresh off the plane from New Zealand was able to join in the fun. And Margie Vandor brought a little fun (see below) - some might disagree on the "fun" part - but hey, at least it was organic.
I've attached a few pictures from the festivities.

Belly girth at 8 months = 37 1/2 inches. Yipes!

Baby food taste test.

Suzi sniffing the sample.

There were six "mystery" baby food flavors in all...some were certainly better than others.

Tisha and Payton

2-month-old Payton. So darling.