Monday, April 21, 2008

Hike with the fam

In some ways it's hard to think of our little household as a real family. Yes, I know that sounds a bit wierd - but hang on, I'll explain.
Okay so we're married, which is great, but does that make us a family? We have a little babe on the way, so are we a family now? If it's only when you add kids to the mix, then perhaps we qualified long ago - Bali and Simon surely count as two rambunctious, semi-annoying and high-maintenance pets whom we love to absolute pieces. I'd say a family is whatever definition you choose. Whether it's a John-and-Kate-plus-way-too-many-kids or just you and your mate, I think it's all in what you consider a group of support, love and, well - just about everything in between.
Either way, the "fam" went for a hike yesterday. IT WAS GORGEOUS! There is truly nothing like Alaska when the sun shines.

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