Tuesday, September 18, 2007

First snow!

Once the fog bank lifted from the channel, the day unfolded with a few very exciting surprises.

First: the skies were bright blue, the air crisp and leaves drifted across the roads.

Second: the town was a little sleepier than normal. We only had a few ships at the docks today. For Juneauites, this is something to look forward to. Prices drop, air and sea traffic silences and – most importantly – downtown is now navigable. Instead of a sea of tourists lining the streets, it is now possible to move through downtown without the fear (or urge) of striking these trinket-yielding cruisers.

Third: and perhaps most importantly – the tops of the mountains were covered in a brand new layer of SNOW! Bright white, beautiful and early! David was so excited he called me while also trying to navigate the ATM. (I think it was a bit much for him to take in the drive-up, phone, conversation and curb his enthusiasm).
And while I wish I could say I had pictures to share with you – I don’t. So sorry.
However, I have a feeling the snow won’t be leaving anytime soon. I’ll see what I can drum up for my next post.
In the meantime, here are a few shots from my brother’s recent graduation (which has nothing to do with snow - obviously) from the University of Oregon. Congrats Brady!!!

Dad and Grandma June Bug (this lady can down a whole serving of flaming hot chicken wings and then chug a beer - love her!)

Momma and Brady

Brady and his lady Nikki

Go Ducks!

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